Technology Assessment

  • Understand your organizational objectives.
  • Identify technical gaps and opportunities.
  • Quantify cost of what you’re doing to fill gaps.
  • Quantify cost of missed revenue due to gaps.
  • Prioritize specific recommendations to reduce costs and fill gaps.

Vendor Selection

  • We translate your business requirements into a thoroughly detailed RFP resulting in far more accurate pricing from vendors.
  • Most RFPs define requirements so broadly, so superficially, that the difference between the proposed estimate and the actual cost is off by 40% or more. Our RFP results in proposals within 10% of the proposed amount, and more often than not, the actual cost is lower than the estimate in the proposal.
  • We evaluate vendors against your needs, budget, and total cost of ownership.
    Testimonial: “Associations Rewired’s RFPs are so robust, they significantly reduce the cost of our discovery”

Project Management

  • We oversee the vendor’s work, adding insight from prior implementations.
  • We ensure that the project runs on time, and on budget.
  • We respond to any project delays by you or the vendor by managing priorities to minimize, or eliminate the impact on your launch date.
  • When it comes to implementation, we know how the vendor has done it for other clients; and we know how other vendors have done the same thing. Our in-depth knowledge of building software means we also know what’s possible; affordable and worth doing.

New Revenue Streams

  • We start by breaking down your members and customers into discrete segments; focusing on those that provide the greatest impact to your association.
  • For each customer segment we show you how to quickly gain insights into what they want, and the barriers to getting it.
  • We teach you how to “solution-storm” effectively, to identify possible solutions that you are uniquely qualified to solve. And, we show you how to test the value of each solution before you spend a dime on development.
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