Vendor Selection

The quality of your RFP is one of the most important factors in a successful project outcome.

Building a robust RFP

  • We translate your business requirements into a thoroughly detailed RFP resulting in far more accurate pricing from vendors.
  • Most RFPs define requirements so broadly, so superficially, that the difference between the proposed estimate and the actual cost is off by 40% or more. Our RFP results in proposals within 10% of the proposed amount, and more often than not, the actual cost is lower than the estimate in the proposal.
  • We evaluate vendors against your needs, budget, and total cost of ownership.
    Testimonial: “Associations Rewired’s RFPs are so robust, they significantly reduce the cost of our discovery

Assessing the vendors

  • Our working relationships with both clients and vendors, and our extensive due diligence on the vendors has taught us who likes them, who doesn’t, and why.

  • AR’s process of vendor negotiation leverages the competitive landscape to your utmost advantage. We know what each vendor has done with similar associations.

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