The Affordable AMS Selection Service designed with small associations in mind

Big association requirements.
Small association budget.

We LOVE small associations.

We love their passion and their special relationship with their members.

But here’s the thing: An AMS selection project is one of the most challenging projects you’ll ever undertake – and the most important. Because of your limited budget, there’s little room for mistakes or do-overs. The investment must be effective AND efficient.

So how do you choose?

There are many affordable systems for smaller associations, but they’re very different from each other. For example:

… and so on. In some cases, the feature may be included, but it may not work for you.

We want to be clear about this

There is no perfect AMS solution. PERIOD.

While the big associations can throw money at a problem, you can’t. You have to be smart, focused and disciplined. With the right partner – us! – you’ll get closer to what you need than you may have thought possible. At a price you can afford.

Here’s how we will work with you:

Detailed Report

Within 30 days, we deliver a detailed final report ranking the top three vendors that come the closest to matching your detailed requirements. We include a heat map illustrating each vendor’s ability to meet your most challenging needs. We’ll show you a quadrant graph of pros and cons for each vendor. We’ll explain why they are recommended, and why they placed first, second or third.

List Requirements

We work closely with you to document your most important requirements.

Review Costs

We show you the actual AMS vendor costs for implementation, licensing and ongoing support.

Vendor Selection

We match those requirements with our proprietary database of AMS vendors, and our deep understanding of the small association sector.

Interview Script

We provide you with a product demonstration script to help you interview and compare the finalists. The script focuses on the areas that are most important to your association, and those most challenging to the vendor.

In addition, we provide you with an online survey enabling your team to rate the performance of each vendor on each scripted task. A summary of the surveys will be provided upon completion of the demos.

Low fixed price, all in. No surprises.

Best of all, since our process pre-qualifies you as a potential customer, each vendor has agreed to provide a discount to you. The majority of vendor discounts are greater than our fee.

Then what?

After you have selected your new AMS, we are available (for an additional fee) to facilitate the implementation. We can help with data migration, change management (to maximize user adoption and implementation success), and project facilitation. This ensures that your system is delivered on time, on budget, and with the expected functionality.

Intrigued? Let’s talk.

Associations Rewired


“Selecting an AMS is very challenging – especially for small-staff associations like ours. Association Rewired’s unique approach to this process gave us the confidence that we were making the right decision for our organization”


“David and his team at Associations Rewired understand what small associations need: An AMS platform that serves our members, at a fair price. With their help, we were confident that the AMS we selected was the best option.”


“Associations Rewired has deep knowledge of the AMS market, and in particular, which players in that market can help us achieve our goals. Combine that with their affordable fee, working with them was a no-brainer.”


Associations Rewired

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